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Swimming pool

The pool is open 7 days a week from 8am to 8pm without reservation.

Due to the increasing number of members who use the pool on weekends and public holidays, it is no longer possible to invite non-members to the pool from Friday 4pm to Sunday 8pm, nor on holidays.

Each member (and his or her family, if any) is entitled to 5 paying "pool" invitations (from Monday morning to Friday 4pm, except on public holidays) for the whole season.
These 5 invitations can be used in one or several times. Guests must be declared to the lifeguard on arrival and the "entrance fee" must be paid immediately before they enter the pool. Rates

In view of the many "frauds" that have unfortunately occurred in recent years, the Board of Directors has decided that any member who contravenes this rule will be severely punished.
Our only objective is to continue to guarantee you moments of relaxation and pleasure in a magnificent, privileged and exclusive place.

Your guests are welcome 7 days a week to use the tennis and padel respecting the general rules. Likewise, the PoolHouse restaurant welcomes you and any guests 7 days a week. Reservations are essential