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Cours de sports

Thanks to the new multipurpose space under the Pool House, the Club has broadened its offer and from now will provide various sports courses for adults.

Pilates Pilates

aimed at developing the muscles in a harmonious way. It enables the correction of the bad postures that are the cause of many types of pain, notably lumbago. Pilates gives you back your overall vitality and reduces stress, stimulating both the body and mind. It can be practised by men and women of all ages.

Yoga Yoga

Through the adoption of physical postures and the practice of conscious breathing, yoga sessions help you to let go and promote physical, mental and emotional well-being. A time when you can really centre yourself and 'recompose'.

Stretch & Tone Stretch & Tone

this is a course combining stretching and toning.

Interval training Interval training

a cardio course whose goal is to bring together various training methods in order to develop the muscles of the whole body.