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Adolfo Romero de Marcelo, CEO and Managing Partner of ESKZ GLOBAL 07/03/2024 - 19h30 | Conférence apéritif


« Central Asia and Caucasus. A region of interest for global commercial and geopolitical interests »

With the kind participation of:
H.E. Mr Margulan Baimukhan
Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Belgium, Head of Mission to the EU and NATO
"Investment and trade opportunities in Kazakhstan"

H.E. Mr Gayrat Fazilov
Ambassador of Uzbekistan to BENELUX countries, Head of Mission to the EU and NATO
"Economic dynamics in New Uzbekistan and its growing role in the region and beyond"

The recent geopolitical events have had an impact on the world economic order from different perspectives. The most obvious consequence has been the movement of the flow of goods and supply chains, which previously had the Eurasian giant (Russia) as their epicenter, taking an exponential turn towards the Caucasus and Central Asia.

In this geopolitical and economic framework, both the private sector and the International Financial Institutions concentrate all their efforts on strengthening ties with these markets, implementing measures to reduce tariff barriers, betting on new transportation routes (Middle Corridor) or investing in the commercial or productive implementation in countries such as Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, or Uzbekistan.

These States are currently playing a crucial role in the trade balance between Europe and Asia being destined to lead regional development in the next decade.

With regional growth exceeding 6,5% in 2023, Central Asia and Caucasus are positioned as one of the most robust economies. Uzbekistan, for its part, with a rebound of 5,7%, would be the one that grew the most in Central Asia, while Kazakhstan, with a growth of 3,1%, continues its constant and stable development pace.

As expert in doing business in Central Asia and Caucasus, our member Adolfo Romero de Marcelo brings a wealth of experience and knowledge about the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) region's economic intricacies and business landscapes with a focus on import-export trends, new economic order in the region and opportunities for doing business for Belgium companies.

Adolfo Romero de Marcelo and his guests, H.E. Mr Margulan Baimukhan and H.E. Mr Gayrat Fazilov will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the economic dynamics shaping this region and identify lucrative opportunities for businesses looking to expand their horizons.

This conference will be held in English only.

Welcome: 7 p.m.; Conference: 7:30 p.m.; Drink and cocktail: 8:45 p.m.


Adolfo Romero de Marcelo is the CEO of ESKZ GLOBAL Consulting Group founded in 2014 with branches in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and presence in more than 20 countries around the world like Gulf Countries, Australia, Central America, Caribbean, and Benelux with its branch CIS Europe Consulting SRL (Brussels).

He has been attached to CIS countries from the beginning of his career being appointed in 2011 as Trade Analyst in the Commercial Office of The Spanish Embassy in Kazakhstan, where he had the opportunity to work and live for few years.

That experience and later positions of responsibility in international companies allowed him to lunch ESKZ GLOBAL Consulting, an international firm with more than 1.000 projects developed in CIS countries working for public and private European firms and multilateral organizations in the sphere of international business and consulting services.

As an Expert in the region, Adolfo Romero de Marcelo has collaborated with European Commission, United Nations, International Trade Center, USAID, EBRD and many others.

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