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« La Folie Bitcoin » - Virtual Currencies and the Blockchain revolution 17/04/2018 - 19h30 | Conférence apéritif


Avec/With :
• Dr LEILA REBBOUH, Managing Director LR Physics
• MARJAN DELATINNE, Global Head of Banking Ripple
• BENOÎT ABELOOS, Policy Officer DG Connect European Commission

Discrètement apparu à la fin des années 2000, le Bitcoin - première monnaie virtuelle - a récemment connu une croissance et volatilité époustouflantes, parfois controversées.

Si les monnaies virtuelles nous questionnent sur la nature de l’argent, elles ont offert au monde la technologie de la blockchain, qui est en train de révolutionner le monde des affaires, des contrats et de la finance transactionnelle.

Cette conférence en anglais et en français se propose d’aborder ces questions sous trois angles complémentaires et distincts :

• LR Physics : a Liège based SME leveraging research in order to boost corporate innovation and productivity. LR Physics coordinates projects in data science, machine learning, blockchain and microgrids with academic and industrial partners.
LR Physics recently developed a.o. ecologically friendly virtual currency mining projects.

• Ripple : a California based company leader in blockchain. Its purpose is to connect banks, payment providers, digital asset exchanges and corporates via RippleNet to provide one frictionless payment globally. Ripple developed also its virtual currency called the XRP.

• European Commission : the Connect DG is actively promoting the usage of new technologies, such as blockchain, for economic development within the European Union. It strongly focuses on standardisation and interoperability in concert with other bodies such as the ISO International Standardisation Organisation and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

BIO EXPRESS Dr Leila Rebbouh :
• Managing Director LR Physics
• 2013 : founded Liège based LR Physics, Leveraging Research
• 2007 : PhD in Physics, ULg
• Corporate Research in Physics in Blue Chips Toyota and Huntsman
• Academical Research in the University of Manitoba

BIO EXPRESS Marjan Delatinne :
• 2017 : Ripple Global Head of Banking
• 2007-2016 : Business Director SWIFT gpi, as well as various management positions related to payments and securities Market Infrastructures
• 1995-2007 : Euroclear, BNY Mellon, various sales and management positions
• University degree in Business Administration and research, Master Degree in Experimental & Clinical Psychology (UCL)

BIO EXPRESS Benoît Abeloos :
• European Commission, DG Connect Policy Officer, in charge of Startups and Innovation, Blockchain and FinTech
• In the DG Communications Networks, Content and Technology, he actively contributes to the EU Blockchain initiative
• Chairs the interoperability and standardisation work stream of the EU FinTech Task force
• Member of various ISO & ITU-T Focus Groups on Applications for Blockchains
• ICT engineer (UCL) with a MBA

Accueil à partir de 19h ; Conférence à 19h30 ; Drink et sandwiches à 20h45.

Château Sainte-Anne :
103, rue du Vieux Moulin
1160 Bruxelles


17.00 € TVAC
17.00 € Membre accompagnant
25.00 € Invité (Non-membre)